Board of Directors

Svein Sivertsen


The Chairman of the Board, Svein Sivertsen (1951), was appointed to the Board by the extraordinary general meeting on 26 February 2021.

Mr. Svein Sivertsen has extensive experience from directorships within maritime fields, covering sectors of aquaculture, oil service, construction and shipping, amongst others. Mr. Sivertsen holds a degree in Master of Science, Chemical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The directorships of Mr. Sivertsen include current positions as chairman in Aalesundfisk Holding AS and Arctic Fish (Iceland) as well as previous directorships in Axess AS, Aker Yards ASA and Hydrotech Gruppen AS. Mr. Sivertsen has also held executive positions as CEO of Fokus Bank AS and CEO of Nidar Bergene AS, as well as served as Deputy CEO of SINTEF Gruppen.

Mr. Sivertsen owns 20.000 shares or options in Frøy ASA

Paul Birger Torgnes

Board Member

Board member Paul Birger Torgnes (1954) was elected to the Board of Directors by the extraordinary general meeting on 23 March 2022.

Mr. Torgnes has broad seafood sector experience and extensive background from board positions and management of stock exchange listed companies, including Torghatten ASA, Fjord Seafood ASA and NorAqua AS (Today EWOS).

Mr. Torgnes is currently CEO of Fjord Marin Holding AS. In addition, Mr. Torgnes hold multiple board positions in the seafood industry, including Chairman of the Board in The Norwegian Seafood Federation, Aquaculture Innovation and Campus Blue.

Trøndelag Helgeland Invest AS and Torghatten Aqua AS, close associates to Paul Birger Torgnes owns 702.011 and 570.000 shares in Frøy ASA respectively.

Ivar Sigmund Williksen

Board Member

Board member Ivar Sigmund Williksen (1960) was elected to the Board of Directors by the extraordinary general meeting on 23 March 2022.

 Mr. Williksen is currently CEO of Vikna Invest AS and board member in Salmonor AS. Mr. Williksen has previously served as board member in Frøy´s subsidiary Norsk Fisketransport AS and has broad experience from management and board of stock exchange listed companies.

 Vikna Invest AS, a close associate to Ivar Sigmund Williksen owns 200 shares in Frøy ASA.

Linda Johnsen

Board Member

Mrs. Johnsen has 20 years of experience from tax authorities, including as tax assessor for Nærøy, Vikna and Leka municipality.

She also has experience from BDO, with special focus on the fisheries sector. Mrs. Johnsen is currently working as a financial consultant in Williksen Fangst AS.

Mrs. Johnsen owns 0 shares in Frøy.

Hege Veiseth

Board Member (1977)

Board member Hege Veiseth (1977) was elected to the Board by the extraordinary general meeting on 26 February 2021.

Ms. Hege Veiseth has held executive financial positions in the Norwegian oil industry since 2007, and currently serves as CFO of Polaris Media ASA, entailing overall responsibility for the group’s finance function with reporting to the stock exchange and group board. Ms. Veiseth’s experience includes serving as IFRS Compliance Director, Group Controller and CFO of EMGS ASA. Ms. Veiseth holds several directorships in the media sector, inter alia in Polaris Media Midt-Norge AS and Polar Media Nord-Norge AS. Ms. Veiseth acquired her Master of Business Administration from Norges Handelshøyskole (2000), and, through further studies at BI Norwegian Business School became a Certified Public Accountant in 2004.

Ms. Veiseth owns 0 shares or options in Frøy ASA


Tonje Foss


Tonje Foss (1971) is the CEO of Frøy ASA, a role she has had since January 2022. Before this, she held the position as Strategy Director at Enova, and Regional Director of Atea from 2017 to 2020. Mrs. Foss has 19 years of experience from various positions and companies in the oil industry, including Kværner, Schlumberger and Aker BP. Foss has been board member of Det norske oljeselskap and SalMar, and are currently holding a board member seat of Sparebank 1 SMN.

Tonje Foss owns 10.000 shares in Frøy ASA

Sondre Vevstad

Interim CFO

Sondre Vevstad (1983) has been engaged by Frøy since 2020 and has today the position as interim CFO. Prior to his current position Vevstad has assisted the Company with IPO preparations, investor relations and corporate strategy services. Vevstad has more than 10 years’ experience from investment banking, covering the seafood and aqua services sector and holds a master´s degree within finance from NHH – Norwegian School of Economics.

Ocean Capital Advisers AS, a close associate to Sondre Vevstad owns 8.196 shares in Frøy ASA.

Anders Gåsø

Head of Service and sea transport

Anders Gåsø (1986) joined Frøy in 2017 and has today the position as the Head of the Service and Sea Transport. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Gåsø held a leading position at Sparebank 1 SMN, the largest bank in region of Middle Norway. Mr. Gåsø holds different board positions including as a board member of NTS ASA.

Gåsø Næringsutvikling AS, a company where Mr. Gåsø holds a non-controlling ownership position, owns 819.672 shares in Frøy ASA and 45,516,416 shares in NTS ASA.

Oddleif Wigdahl

Head of Wellboats

Oddleif Wigdahl (1983) started his current position as Head of Wellboats during the merger between NTS and Frøy in April 2020. Mr. Wigdahl has approximately 20 years’ industry experience, and held different positions as Safety Manager, Technical Manager, Operational Officer, and CEO of Norsk Fisketransport AS. In addition, he has held leading positions at Seaworks AS, and has served as technical manager for Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

Oddleif Wigdahl owns 482 shares in Frøy ASA

Andreas Krogstad

Head of Sales

Andreas Krogstad (1976) holds the position as Head of Sales at Frøy ASA. Prior to this position he has been working as a Sales & Marketing manager of service vessels in Frøy, and as operations coordinator for service vessels since he was first recruited to Frøy in April 2013. Mr. Krogstad has studied Market Economics & Business Economics at BI Norwegian Business School. Mr. Krogstad holds several board memberships, and acted amongst others as a Deputy Board Member of NTS ASA from 2021 -2022.

Mr. Krogstad holds 19.286 shares in Frøy.

Linn Holmen

Head of Operational Support

Linn Holmen holds the position as Head of Operational Support. Mrs. Holmen started at the QA division at Frøy during 2016 where she acted as Head of the QA department and Chief Sustainability Officer. Before joining Frøy Mrs. Holmen worked as Operating Manager offshore at Statoil ASA.

Kristin Sugustad

Director Maritime Staffing

Kristin Sugustad (1979) joined Frøy in 2019 and has today the position as Director Maritime Staffing. Prior of joining Frøy, Ms. Sugustad worked 12 years as a financial advisor at Sparebank 1 SMN and Nordea Bank ASA. Ms. Sugustad acquired her Bachelor of Economics from Trondheim Økonomiske Høyskole and executive master of management at BI Norwegian Business School.

Tove Torstad

Director HR

Tove Torstad (1969) started her current position as Director of HR following the merger between NTS and Frøy in April 2020. Prior to her current position, Torstad acted as interim CEO in NTS Mangement. Before starting at Frøy,  Torstad worked Eidshaug Rederi and the local government administration in Nærøy.

Tove Torstad owns 1.928 shares in Frøy ASA